A look at the land of Pagėgiai

A look at the
land of Pagėgiai

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The Garden of Paintings of Lithuania Minor
In 2003, the open-air garden of Lithuania Minor was established in Bitėnai, next to the Martynas Jankus Museum. During the more than a decade-long history of the Garden of Paintings in Lithuania Minor, almost a hundred Lithuanian and foreign artists took part in the plein airs. It is a unique and new cultural sign in Lithuania, perpetuating the cultural heritage of Lithuania Minor, fascinating visitors and waiting for them all year round.
Cognitive trails in Rambynas Regional Park
  • The nature trail starts at the Rambynas Regional Park Authority building and continues about 1.5 km to the Bitėnai stork colony.
  • Take is equipped with 11 stops, which introduce the flora, fauna, natural phenomena.
  • The trail winds between the mainland dunes, opening great views of the Nemunas, the bend of Ragainė, Lake Merguva, Ragainė.
Visitor Center
About the mythological significance of Rambynas Hill, the fate of the Skalviai tribe, the historical towns of Tilže and Ragaine with Mažvydas, Vydūnas and many other interesting things are waiting for you at the Rambynas Regional Park Visitor Center.
The Queen Louise Bridge
1907 the construction of the bridge over the Nemunas at Panemune and Tilsit was completed. The opening date of the bridge coincided with the centenary of Queen Louise of Prussia's visit to Tilsit, so the bridge was named after her. During World War II, the bridge was blown up and later rebuilt. Today, this bridge connects not only Lithuania but also the European Union with the Russian Federation.
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