Project LT-RU-1-031

"Creation, Promotion and Development of a Targeted Tourism Attraction Area between Western and Eastern Europe" LT-RU 1-031
Pagėgiai Region Tourism Information Center and Sovetsk City Municipality Administration in 2019. August 10 launched the international project "Creation, Promotion and Development of a Targeted Tourism Attraction Area between Eastern and Western Europe", funded in 2014-2020. Lithuanian-Russian Cross-Border Cooperation Program (hereinafter - ENPI).
Pagėgiai Region Tourism Information Center is the main beneficiary. The partner of the project administration of Sovetsk City Municipality. The total value of the project is EUR 698,867.00, of which EUR -628,980.30 is financed by the EU. Project implementation duration - 24 months.
The aim of the project is to promote local culture and preserve historical heritage
Project implemantation period : 2019.08.10-2021.08.09
Lead Beneficiary Pagėgiai Region Tourism Information Center 
The partner of the project: Administration of Sovetsk City Municipality.
Despite the fact that the Lithuanian-Russian border areas are enriched with a cultural heritage that reflects the historical period of East Prussia. Pagegiai and Sovetsk regions are not very often visited by both local tourists and visitors. The resurrection and actualization of existing cultural values is essential to present values to future generations and to society and to promote acquaintance with the common history on both sides of the border. During the project, a common route will be created along the historic roads of Queen Louise of East Prussia, covering the area between East and West. A History Incubator will be created in Vilkyškiai town, which will allow a more innovative look at historical facts, get acquainted with them, and which will be adapted to any type of people.
According to 2019-2021. The project is expected not only to increase tourist flows in Pagegiai and Sovetsk regions, but also to Klaipeda, Taurage, Kaliningrad regions and thus strengthen cross-border cooperation.
Project 2019-2021  results:

New joint route "Queen Louise's Ring" creation

The stables of Vilkyškiai manor are being reconstructed and an interactive game "History Incubator" with all the necessary equipment is being created.

Reconstruction of  Sovetsk "Green Theater"

Website about joint project LT-RU created

Water infrastructure is being improved, 2 pontoon bridges are being built, with stairs and toilets.

5 information stands will be created and implemented

20,000 brochures and 10,000 maps will be created

2 schoolchildren events will be organized.

2 opening events will be organized

2 conferences will be organized
On December 9, the first opening conference was held in Sovetsk 
600 hats for publicity goods and souvenirs, 400 sets of schoolchildren's five-piece safety kits, 1,500 key chains, 2,000 pens, 40 umbrellas with the project logo will be purchased.

Purchased project promotion items: 500 hats,1000 key chains, 1000 pens, 200 five-piece safety kits, 2 virtual reality glasses, camera.

18 articles will be published in the press:

2 articles in the press. 4 articles on the website

72 radio games on the radio will be created:

Recorded radio broadcast with 1 game on Tauragė radio

Two cycles of 8 radio broadcasts will be created

Promotional videos will be created.


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